Moving On

You might be wondering why I have not posted for some time here at Novice Investigator. The reason is, I have moved on. Thanks to the Budding Bloggers Program (url:http://geniushackers.com/blog/budding-bloggers/).
I have now a self hosted blog at http://openthoughts.me/blog.

But it is still not in the completed phase, as I have been facing some glitches in accessing my ftp account and changing my blog path and changing the themes etc.
So I will most probably not blogging here at Novice Investigator anymore. I have had a real fun time blogging at my wordpress.com. Now it’s time for some serious blogging at openthoughts.me/blog.

I will try to make sure that important and top posts which are mostly related to technical stuffs be made available at openthoughts.me too.

I am still pondering if to copy paste the same content or write a follow up.

And I definitely have to thank my readers, because of whom I made the firm decision to move on to my own domain.
Thank You folks!


Linux Mint

I have now been a Linux user for a while. Working on Fedora in my lab and Ubuntu on my laptop, I find both comfortable. I prefer Ubuntu on my laptop because, I liked it to be simple and clean. And als0 I like the install command, sudo apt-get install guake, for example.

One day I saw my friend working on his laptop. He too was on Ubuntu but it read Ultimate Ubuntu. A quick google search brought me to the new world of Ubuntu. I never knew that there were Linux distros which were based on Ubuntu! Wow! So many flavors, t hat can leave any newbie confused.

I searched for “Top 10 Ubuntu based distros”, and found this. Since I liked the idea of Ubuntu Ultimate, which came with all the softwares we required preinstalled, we liked it.  So I first switched to Ubuntu Ultimate from Plain Ubuntu 8.10. I was running on 64bit OS, and it was pretty much heating up my laptop. I had also downloaded the iso for Linux Mint and gOS, as they sounded cool. I like Linux Mint and did not like gOS.

I installed Linux Mint first on my friend’s laptop and I fell in love with it! I had never had such a linux experience! Everything simply worked out of the box! I had always wanted to have a provision to backup and also restore the computer whenever I screwed it up like in windows. You ask for it and Linux Mint had it.

Since I stay in a hostel and don’t have easy internet connection, it is expected to have essential softwares like rhythmbox, vlc, amarok, mplayer and the required codecs preinstalled. Yes, Linux mint was the obvious choice for everyone in the hostel, who were interested in Linux.

It’s been a week, now since I installed Linux Mint and everything is cool and awesome. And till now I must have installed it on some 10 other laptops of my friends! It’s the Mint revolution! Waiting for Jauty and Gloria!

P.S. Jaunty refers to 9.04 Ubuntu – Jaunty Jackalope and Gloria refers to Linux Mint 7 which is based on Jaunty. I wish to see the windows 7 kind of taskbar in Linux now.

Twitter a Wow! Source

Am addicted. Addicted to Twitter. I am reminded of the song “Am addicted to YouTube.” Twitter has become a very good source for me. Source of news, blogs, articles, facts and fiction. So if you have started twittering and are not sure whom to follow, here are some suggestions.

I first invited my gmail friends to twitter. Only a few of my friends were on twitter. I stopped using chats. It’s all on twitter. More people, more blogs, articles, news. And thanks to firefox and twitterfox, it has all become more easy. 

Getting to know what’s going around you is important. News. Information from North, East, West and South. I first followed BBC, but later stopped as the news headlines weren’t good enough. Then I followed BreakingNewz and finally digg_worldnews. But the best I felt was BreakingNewsOn. Worth following that one. I stopped following digg_worldnews, as I was also following digg_popular.

I follow problogger and labnol, as it gives me ideas for new blog posts. You can use the twitter search (search.twitter.com) to find tweets and help twitterers who share interests with you. 

And do read this article, to find more. You can find god, DarthVader and other eminent people. Twitter is here to stay. God I am gonna be missing it when in college. 😦

Landing Pages

I am on lots of social networking sites now. Orkut, Facebook, Twitter, and then. Ok. Not lots a few networking sites. And most of you, my readers too should be using social networking sites. You can add a link to your website or your blog so that people can get to know more about you and of course you will get traffic.

I am an avid follower of problogger Darren Rowse. I read about landing pages in his blog. And I felt it was essential. Essential because it is human beings like me whom I expect to visit and just like me, everyone is in a hurry to know what’s going on around them. So they click a link, go somewhere, come back, and they may forget where that page came from. 

So I need to make sure how my about page came there. For that I tweaked the about page (later added a new one) so that they can know that they had come here after clicking the link on my twitter profile. This is my twitter landing page. I found another landing page. I liked it very much, so lovely. Do check it out. Dushan Wegner Twitter Landing Page.

So have you started twittering? Have a peep at my tweets here.

You might be familiar with the post title. Yes, it is about Twitter, which I am now finding very interesting, thanks to digital inspiration, problogger, common craft, twitterbar and twitterfox, and of course not to forget twitter itself. 

Twitter is all about micro-blogging. And it’s easier and free! You can use your twitter page as an asset. To tell the world what you are doing, to know what your friends are doing and also know what is happening around the world.

I first read about Twitter in some news article where a reporter who was imprisoned somewhere in middle east used twitter to inform his followers and the world that he needs help(He tweeted from his mobile phone). And help flowed to him! That was long back, and for me twitter still looked complicated.

Again I came across twitter in Digital Inspiration during the November 26th, Attack at Mumbai, where twitter was extensively used to transfer information about family and friends. That’s when I thought of trying out twitter. And now I am addicted. Thanks to firefox addons like Twitterfox and Twitterbar, I needn’t dedicate a firefox tab for twitter website.I just use the address bar to tweet.

It’s easy to tweet, you see. You just have to tweet the answer for the question, “What you are doing?”. That simple question, inspired a website and it is now a huge success. Almost all professional bloggers use twitter, because it is a great medium to obtain traffic. For me twittering is fun. Before you go on do watch this video. Twitter in Plain English by Common Craft. I am sure you are gonna love using twitter.

So when will you start tweeting?

You can catch my tweets here.

P.S. I am unable to tweet from my mobile phone. (Don’t tell anyone, I own <hide>Nokia 1600</hide>). Guess I have to change my handset to tweet when offline.

I had some weird blogging experience because of stealing bandwidth by hotlinking images in my blog from sources I didn’t care to know. It resulted in switching of my images with irrelevent images. Be careful while blogging. Avoid hotlinks. Read more about my experience and what you need to make sure you don’t reach such embarrasing conditions at The Hacker’s Library.

Free Storage at Google

Google Services are cool. They keep coming back with awesome services that leaves you awestruck. Be it orkut, gmail, gearth, gsearch anything. Gmail gained popularity exclusively because of the 7+ GB of space it gives for free and also it’s cleaner and easier to use interface. Google has always known to keep things minimal yet fulfilling. Then came Picasa which gives about 1GB of free space for photos. Also if you are using Blogger, then the images you upload are stored on Picasa.

It’s great isn’t it. Almost 8GB of online space for free! Google does know the tricks to please it’s customers. So how do you find how much space in your services remains. Make sure you have logged into your account and click on the link below to find out how much you have used.

Manage Storage

So how much have you used up?