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You might be familiar with the post title. Yes, it is about Twitter, which I am now finding very interesting, thanks to digital inspiration, problogger, common craft, twitterbar and twitterfox, and of course not to forget twitter itself. 

Twitter is all about micro-blogging. And it’s easier and free! You can use your twitter page as an asset. To tell the world what you are doing, to know what your friends are doing and also know what is happening around the world.

I first read about Twitter in some news article where a reporter who was imprisoned somewhere in middle east used twitter to inform his followers and the world that he needs help(He tweeted from his mobile phone). And help flowed to him! That was long back, and for me twitter still looked complicated.

Again I came across twitter in Digital Inspiration during the November 26th, Attack at Mumbai, where twitter was extensively used to transfer information about family and friends. That’s when I thought of trying out twitter. And now I am addicted. Thanks to firefox addons like Twitterfox and Twitterbar, I needn’t dedicate a firefox tab for twitter website.I just use the address bar to tweet.

It’s easy to tweet, you see. You just have to tweet the answer for the question, “What you are doing?”. That simple question, inspired a website and it is now a huge success. Almost all professional bloggers use twitter, because it is a great medium to obtain traffic. For me twittering is fun. Before you go on do watch this video. Twitter in Plain English by Common Craft. I am sure you are gonna love using twitter.

So when will you start tweeting?

You can catch my tweets here.

P.S. I am unable to tweet from my mobile phone. (Don’t tell anyone, I own <hide>Nokia 1600</hide>). Guess I have to change my handset to tweet when offline.


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I had some weird blogging experience because of stealing bandwidth by hotlinking images in my blog from sources I didn’t care to know. It resulted in switching of my images with irrelevent images. Be careful while blogging. Avoid hotlinks. Read more about my experience and what you need to make sure you don’t reach such embarrasing conditions at The Hacker’s Library.

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I have been blogging at several venues these days apart from my own blogs. My first venture was when Satish bhaiya invited me to blog on his blog Genius Hackers. I was overwhelmed and it gave me that confidence that my blog finally had readers and not just visitors. In the beginning, I was the only one visiting my blog and sometimes visitors who were lead to this blog via search engines. Well, I do find a slow and steady growth in the number of visitors, depending upon the frequency and quality of posts. Then came the official blog of the orkut community Hackers Library (http://www.thehackerslibrary.com).

Every experience teaches me a lesson, gives me a suggestions, and makes me wiser.


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Blog Stat1

WordPress has introduced, XML sitemaps for all it’s blogs as an initiative to increase the number of visitors to wordpress blogs, via search engines. It is indeed difficult for search engines to search thousands of pages, but with a map about the various links in the website, the pages and posts can be properly indexed and crawled, so that quality posts are more easily identified and they come up when searched for. That’s a good initiative and thank you wordpress team, for taking up the effort to automate the necessary steps in this concern.

Read what they have to say, here if you haven’t read about it yet.

That’s when something struck me. For the past few days, I have noticed that my visitor counts went on a low, a drop from about 120 to 50.

Blog Stat2

I don’t remember to have made any major changes that could have resulted in this drop. But now I get to co-relate events.

Investigating Possibilities

  1. The sitemaps are indeed doing a great job, but for my blog it’s the other way round i suppose. When many other posts from other wordpress blogs became prominent or of more importance on the search pages, my posts lost position and were pushed down.
  2. It could also be thought that the XML sitemaps has not been submitted to the search engines for all the wordpress blogs, as of now. The search engines are being informed in batches. So my blog’s sitemap has not yet been submitted to search engines and hence it’s posts are not making up to the front page of search engines, as it used to.

I shall wait for a few more days, and if I find a rise in the blog stats, then I can confirm #2, else #1. Do you think there could be any other possibilities? Do comment if you think something else could also have happened.

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I came across this French or Turkish blog while visiting Genius Hackers. The blogger had commented on the TypeRacer bot article I had posted there. He seemed to have a shorter code. I have not understood yet how the code would work properly, as the speed of typing would be fixed and could not be controlled. (Well, speeds of more than 100wpm in typeracer, makes you take another test, where you have an imaged text which you can’t copy 🙂 . Happy that they patched up the problem). But the problem here was, the blog was not in English. And so I couldn’t understand what was written there. By the way the blog is http://dajik.blogcu.com/

So I set out searching an app that translates non-English post to English, but my search remained futile. I even didn’t know what language it was. Finally, I reached this page. http://translate.google.com

Here I entered the address of the blog under translate a webpage and then selected, Detect Language and English from the drop down lists and Hit translate, and I got the page translated! I had not known about this feature from google. Helps a lot, in reading great posts, which kept away from me because of this Language Barrier.

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Top Posts *bug* at NITTians?

It works on page 1, but not on page two. What’s Top Post Widget expected to do? Show the top posts on NITTians and also provide a link to the posts. Right?! But when I click on any post under the Top Posts in page 2, it redirects me to some other blog.

Top Post Bug

And another shock as I type out this post. It’s not even working on the first page! And it is now not redirecting to the same page, but to another blog page. There is seriously some bug in this. Please admins look into it.

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There are 3 million blogs. Many more in the making. Many valuable, and many under construction. And all these blogs are mixed up with websites, and searching becomes a pain. Of course there are blog searches, but this is a new initiative by wordpress, to search blogs on the wordpress domain. As they say, for real posts from real people.

Get to know more about what the developers have to say about this search engine at search wordpress.com

And yes, here is the link to the search engine page. Just click and search!

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