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Linux Mint

I have now been a Linux user for a while. Working on Fedora in my lab and Ubuntu on my laptop, I find both comfortable. I prefer Ubuntu on my laptop because, I liked it to be simple and clean. And als0 I like the install command, sudo apt-get install guake, for example.

One day I saw my friend working on his laptop. He too was on Ubuntu but it read Ultimate Ubuntu. A quick google search brought me to the new world of Ubuntu. I never knew that there were Linux distros which were based on Ubuntu! Wow! So many flavors, t hat can leave any newbie confused.

I searched for “Top 10 Ubuntu based distros”, and found this. Since I liked the idea of Ubuntu Ultimate, which came with all the softwares we required preinstalled, we liked it.  So I first switched to Ubuntu Ultimate from Plain Ubuntu 8.10. I was running on 64bit OS, and it was pretty much heating up my laptop. I had also downloaded the iso for Linux Mint and gOS, as they sounded cool. I like Linux Mint and did not like gOS.

I installed Linux Mint first on my friend’s laptop and I fell in love with it! I had never had such a linux experience! Everything simply worked out of the box! I had always wanted to have a provision to backup and also restore the computer whenever I screwed it up like in windows. You ask for it and Linux Mint had it.

Since I stay in a hostel and don’t have easy internet connection, it is expected to have essential softwares like rhythmbox, vlc, amarok, mplayer and the required codecs preinstalled. Yes, Linux mint was the obvious choice for everyone in the hostel, who were interested in Linux.

It’s been a week, now since I installed Linux Mint and everything is cool and awesome. And till now I must have installed it on some 10 other laptops of my friends! It’s the Mint revolution! Waiting for Jauty and Gloria!

P.S. Jaunty refers to 9.04 Ubuntu – Jaunty Jackalope and Gloria refers to Linux Mint 7 which is based on Jaunty. I wish to see the windows 7 kind of taskbar in Linux now.


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