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Am addicted. Addicted to Twitter. I am reminded of the song “Am addicted to YouTube.” Twitter has become a very good source for me. Source of news, blogs, articles, facts and fiction. So if you have started twittering and are not sure whom to follow, here are some suggestions.

I first invited my gmail friends to twitter. Only a few of my friends were on twitter. I stopped using chats. It’s all on twitter. More people, more blogs, articles, news. And thanks to firefox and twitterfox, it has all become more easy. 

Getting to know what’s going around you is important. News. Information from North, East, West and South. I first followed BBC, but later stopped as the news headlines weren’t good enough. Then I followed BreakingNewz and finally digg_worldnews. But the best I felt was BreakingNewsOn. Worth following that one. I stopped following digg_worldnews, as I was also following digg_popular.

I follow problogger and labnol, as it gives me ideas for new blog posts. You can use the twitter search (search.twitter.com) to find tweets and help twitterers who share interests with you. 

And do read this article, to find more. You can find god, DarthVader and other eminent people. Twitter is here to stay. God I am gonna be missing it when in college. 😦


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