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Moving On

You might be wondering why I have not posted for some time here at Novice Investigator. The reason is, I have moved on. Thanks to the Budding Bloggers Program (url:http://geniushackers.com/blog/budding-bloggers/).
I have now a self hosted blog at http://openthoughts.me/blog.

But it is still not in the completed phase, as I have been facing some glitches in accessing my ftp account and changing my blog path and changing the themes etc.
So I will most probably not blogging here at Novice Investigator anymore. I have had a real fun time blogging at my wordpress.com. Now it’s time for some serious blogging at openthoughts.me/blog.

I will try to make sure that important and top posts which are mostly related to technical stuffs be made available at openthoughts.me too.

I am still pondering if to copy paste the same content or write a follow up.

And I definitely have to thank my readers, because of whom I made the firm decision to move on to my own domain.
Thank You folks!


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